Apr 262011

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Joyful Mourning? How Can It Be?

How can you be joyful if you are mourning a loss?
That’s what this site is about … You see it is a true story,

Perhaps you have lost someone close to you as our family, especially my daughter, Rebecca did.

Our purpose is to bring you hope and help you through to Joyful Mourning.

It can happen! Read the ACTUAL STORY BY Elizabeth, who was just entering the youth group when Tedd and Rebecca came to Shiloh Church in Cumberland Virginia.

Now begins the true story: This is the sad, but joyful, true love story of my youngest daughter and her first husband, Tedd Woodworth. 


Tedd’s Last Drum

It is presented to give HOPE to who have lost someone and it seems like you can NEVER be happy again.

Do you need hope?

Can life ever be normal after losing your husband of less than 4 years?

My daughter, Rebecca’s true story shows you that it CAN with God!

You may be mourning a loved one now gone, but inside you CAN have a joy when outside your world looks so dark. “How can I ever be happpy again?” you may wonder.

It is right to mourn. Rebecca loved Tedd! You cannot just forget and go on pretending that all is the same. That leads to psychological problems.

But even while mourning you can have a deep sense of joy.

(More pictures coming)

It happened to my daughter, Rebecca.

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